Classes & Timetables

Ready Set Dance

Ready Set Dance is our amazing Preschool dance program for 18months – 5years. Please head over to our Ready Set Dance page for all the information about this phenomenal program!

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop & Modern classes are super fun and are carefully structured to incorporate both important technique (B.A.L syllabus based work) so all students are taught correctly and safely as well dance routines which are performed at our concerts.

AcroDance is a super fun program following the world renowned Acrobatic Arts Syllabus which incorporates gymnastic floorwork and acrobatics and teaches it for skills that can be included in dance. Check out this wonderful video and see what AcroDance is all about –

Musical Theatre involves vocal training, acting & movement, and all classes learn routines for our concerts.

Stretch & Strengthen Classes are carefully designed for each age group to carefully stretch and strengthen their bodies specifically for dance.

Kicks, Turns & Leaps (KTL) classes are a 30min class specifically focussing on the skills of dance kicks, turns and leaps. This class takes these skills to a much higher level.

Troupe & Solos are competition class by invitation only. Students compete in 5 – 7 competitions each year and is an extremely fun, committed and team building extension to the students dance world.

DanceStep is available to all students who are in Gold Level 2 and above. DanceStep is a formalised and progressive Dance Student Teacher Education Program which empowers students to serve as role models, grow as leaders and care for others in their dance studio community. It provides learning opportunities for dance and acro students. Designed to develop leadership and valuable ‘soft skills’ (also referred to as employability skills) such as communication, team work, problem solving and emotional judgement.


Choose this timetable if your child is turning 2 – 6yrs in 2022

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Choose this timetable if your child is turning 14yrs or above in 2022

Choose this timetable for the very advanced dancer aged 14yrs & above.