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7 Steps to better pirouettes

If you’re a dancer, you know that pirouettes can be one of the most challenging moves to master. However, with the right technique and practice, you can improve your pirouettes and make them a standout part of your dance repertoire. Here are some tips on how to get better pirouettes: Remember, practice makes perfect. With…

Why dance is great for Boys!

Dancing may not be the first activity that comes to mind for boys, but it can provide numerous benefits for male dancers. Many football clubs, such as Manchester United and Barcelona, have recognized the value of dance class for their players and have incorporated it into their training regimens. Here are a few reasons why…

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Hi, I’m Annette. I am the co-owner / Director of Steps 2 Stardom. I started dancing at 4yrs of age and started teaching at 14yrs of age. I started Steps 2 Stardom with my sister when in 1994.

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