Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Commitment

Stardom Enterprises Pty Limited [ABN 91 042 498 516], Stardom Enterprises Pty Limited and other related entities trading as “Steps to Stardom Performing Arts Academy” are committed to managing your personal information openly and transparently and to keeping your personal information safe. We will take all necessary measures to fulfil this commitment, including to:

  • Comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”);
  • Ensure that we manage your personal information openly and transparently;
  • Only collect personal information from you that we need in order to offer you the best possible service and customer experience;
  • Tell you how we might use your personal information;
  • Let you know if we need to disclose your personal information to anyone else (including anyone overseas) and if so, in what circumstances this might occur;
  • Keep your personal information secure;
  • Promptly respond to any request by you not to receive direct marketing material from us;
  • Make sure your personal information is kept accurate and up to date and to properly dispose of any personal information which is no longer required by us; and
  • Ensure that, where appropriate, you can access and correct your personal information.

About this Policy

This policy is intended to explain clearly some of the key processes and procedures that we have implemented to manage your personal information, to protect your privacy and to comply with the Privacy Act 1988, the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (“Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

References to “our”, “us” and “we” in this policy are references to Stardom Enterprises Pty Limited and trading as “Steps to Stardom Performing Arts Academy” and its related entities and associated websites.

(“Website”) is owned and administered by Stardom Enterprises Pty Limited.

This policy gives a broad overview of our policies in relation to privacy but if you require further information, you are welcome to contact us or to read any of the privacy statements or notices that will be issued to you as and when personal information is collected.

You must read this privacy policy before providing us with any personal information or using the Website. By providing us with your personal information and using the Website, you are confirming your agreement and consent to the policies and procedures described in this privacy policy.

What sorts of personal information do we collect?

We will only collect from you information that is necessary and relevant to our relationship with you, including to enable us to provide to you the best possible service and customer experience.

Depending on the exact nature of our relationship with you, we may request that you provide some or all of the following information:

  • Information that we may require to identify you, including your name, home address, email addresses or other IP addresses and server details, and your date of birth;
  • Information that we can use to contact you, including your telephone number, mobile number, email address, work address, mailing address, next of kin or nominated contact details;
  • Information we may require to confirm your identity, including your driver’s licence number, tax file number, passport details, business name, domain names, or health related cards (Medicare card);
  • Information that may assist us to confirm your financial position or credit history, business dealings or company credit information. This may include your credit card details, bank details, bank statements, tax file numbers, purchase history or transaction details and loan and credit information where finance arrangements apply.
  • Information that identifies your activity details including access and visits to our websites, data portals, web pages, platforms for which we have designed, maintained and compiled for your benefit.

It would be very unusual for us to need to collect all or even most of the above information from you, however the information we will require will depend on the specific service or services that we are providing to you. We will only collect personal information from you that we reasonably require in order to satisfactorily perform the services that you require from us including using your personal information to aggregate your activities to assist in the management and operation of our website, services, performance benchmarking, portals or platforms maintained for your use.

Why do we require your personal information?

There are various reasons why we might need to collect, hold, use or disclose your personal information and this will depend upon the specific services that we are providing to you but we will tell you the main reason for asking for your personal information at the time when we ask you to provide it.

Usually, the main reason that we will need to collect your personal information will be relating to a product or service that we are providing to you or are about to provide to you and for contacting you in relation to those services. Our main services include the provision of children’s entertainment, dance instruction and tuition, choreography and dance modules for learning and educational purposes.

We may also use your personal information for other reasons, including:

  • To contact you in relation to an event, special offer or product that you might be interested in;
  • Preventing fraud and other criminal activities (or suspected activities);
  • To assist us to run our business and to improve our services and performance, including staff training, accounting, risk management, record keeping, archiving, systems development, developing new products and services and undertaking planning, research and statistical analysis; and
  • To comply with our legal obligations.

There is no obligation for you to provide us with any of your personal information but if you choose not to provide us with your personal information, we may not be able to provide the information, goods or services that you require.

How do we collect your personal information?

The means by which we collect your personal information will depend on the nature of the service that we are providing to you.

We may collect your personal information:

  1. Directly from you, either in person or over the phone;
  2. When you place an order via the Website;
  3. When you interact with the Website; or
  4. From other sources.

We will always collect your personal information directly from you unless it is impracticable to do so. This would usually be done through the Website when you elect to disclose your personal information to us for a particular purpose.


Your personal information will not be collected if you are only browsing the Website but we do use cookies to better tailor our information and our services to meet your needs. A cookie is a small piece of text that is placed within the memory of a computer and can be later retrieved by web page servers. Cookies are used to enhance your interaction and convenience in using the Website and we do not use cookies to record any of your personal information. Cookies may record information about your visit, including the type of browser and operating system you use, the previous site you visited, your server’s IP address, the pages you access and the information downloaded by you. While this anonymous statistical data may be aggregated and used in broader statistical analysis by us and our web monitoring service provider to improve our services, at no time can we personally identify you as the source of that data.

Where we are collecting your personal information, we will remind you of the following at the time of collecting your personal information:

  1. Our details, including our contact details;
  2. That we are collecting your information and the reasons why we are collecting your information;
  • If the collection is required or authorised by law, the details of the law, court or tribunal order;
  1. What happens if we cannot collect your personal information;
  2. Any third parties to whom we may disclose the personal information;
  3. How you can access and correct your personal information;
  • How you can complain about any breach of the APPs and how we will handle any such complaints; and
  • Whether your personal information is likely to be disclosed to anyone overseas and if practicable, the countries in which those recipients are located.

Collecting and disclosing personal information about others

Wherever possible, we will collect personal information directly from the relevant individual to whom that information relates.

You represent and warrant to us that where you provide personal information to us about another person:

  1. You are authorised to provide that information to us;
  2. You have obtained the express consent of the individual to disclose their personal information to us for its relevant use, including for use in our business and to provide our services;
  3. You have complied with the APPs in collecting that personal information, including by making all relevant notifications required under APP 5; and
  4. You have informed that person about the contents of this privacy policy including who we are, how we use and disclose personal information, and that they can gain access to, and correct, that information.

Unsolicited personal information

From time to time we may receive personal information about you that we have not requested or taken steps to come to know. In these circumstances, we will only hold onto such information where the information is necessary in our dealings with you. If we determine that the information received is not necessary to our relationship with you then we will take steps to de-identify or destroy the information as soon as is practicable. Any determination as to whether or not the information is required to be retained by us will be made within a reasonable period after the information is received by us. Any information that has not been requested but is subsequently retained by us will be subject to the procedures and requirements set out in this privacy policy.

How do we use or disclose your personal information?

We may use and disclose your personal information for the purposes for which it was collected or for a related purpose such as:

  1. To set up and activate your account with Stardom Enterprises Pty Ltd or related entities;
  2. To consider your request for a product or service;
  3. To enable us to provide a product or a service to you;
  4. To coordinate delivery of your goods or services;
  5. To facilitate and process your orders and payments;
  6. To carry out or respond to your queries or requests;
  7. To provide information to you that you have requested;
  8. To provide additional information to you as requested by you and to respond to your queries about our products;
  9. To facilitate your entry into competitions run through the Website;
  10. To facilitate your use of the Websites.
  11. To facilitate online chat;
  12. To any third party suppliers of our goods or services, including third party application owners or licensors;
  13. To any third party credit provider to facilitate the provision of credit to you as required;
  14. To our third party service providers to assist us in providing and improving our services to you, and to analyse trends in sales and better understand your needs or to develop, improve and market our products and services to you;
  15. For regulatory reporting and compliance with our legal obligations;
  16. To relevant third parties to undertake fraud checks;
  17. To perform administrative and operational tasks (including risk management, systems development and testing, staff training and collecting debts);
  18. To facilitate product reviews and to seek your feedback in relation to particular products, customer satisfaction and our relationship with you and to manage any customer complaints;
  19. For use in direct marketing of promotions, products and services that we think might be of interest to you, including to add to a database compiled by us for this purpose;
  20. To our third party service providers, for use in direct marketing of promotions, products and services that our third party service providers think may be of interest to you, including to add to a database complied for this purpose;
  21. To monitor or improve the quality and standard of service that we provide to you;
  22. To consider any concerns or complaints you may raise against us;
  23. To our agents, successors and/or assigns;
  24. To notify you of offers that may be of interest to you; and
  25. To better understand your preferences.

Do we use your personal information for marketing purposes?

As part of the services that we provide to you, we may:

  1. Use personal information that we have collected about you to identify a product or service that may benefit you;
  2. Contact you from time to time to let you know about a product or service that we believe you might be interested in; and
  3. Disclose your personal information to our related entities, any one or more of the Recipient Parties or to our business partners (including third party facilitators) to enable them to tell you about a product or service that you might be interested in.

By providing your personal information to us or by agreeing to accept the terms of this privacy policy, or both, you consent to your personal information being included in our database to be used for direct marketing purposes, including those described above, however, you can opt-out, unsubscribe or make a request not receive direct marketing communications from us, by emailing us at or by logging such a request through the Website at any time. Additionally, each direct marketing communication, including all emails and SMS, will include an opt-out or “unsubscribe” option which will immediately indicate to us that you no longer wish to receive materials of this kind. If you make a request not to receive direct marketing communications from us, we will stop sending you these materials.

You may make a request that we do not disclose your personal information to facilitate direct marketing by another organisation and you may request that we provide you with the source of any personal information we use for direct marketing purposes. Any such requests will be actioned within a reasonable period and there will be no charges to you for making, or to you from us actioning, such requests.

How do we store your personal information?

We have implemented appropriate processes and techniques (including physical security such as locks and security systems and computer and network security, including firewalls and passwords) to protect personal information from loss, misuse and interference and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. In addition, access to your personal information is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their responsibilities.

We and our third party service providers take all necessary steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information where it is no longer required and to protect your personal information from loss, misuse and interference and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

While care is taken to protect your personal information on the Website, unfortunately no data transmission over the Internet is guaranteed as 100% secure. Accordingly, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you send to us or receive from us online. This is particularly true for information you send to us via email as we have no way of protecting that information until it reaches us. Once we receive your personal information, we are required to protect it in accordance with the Act.

How can you access your personal information?

Usually we will be able to provide you with access to your personal information upon receipt of your written request, either by email sent to Stardom Enterprises Pty Ltd, at or by post sent to 10a Waler Cres, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567, and confirmation of your identity.

This Website may contain links to websites which are owned or operated by other parties. You should make your own enquiries as to the privacy policies of these parties. We are not responsible for information on, or the privacy practices of, such websites.

Changes to this policy

From time to time it may be necessary for us to review and revise this privacy policy. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time.

How can you contact us?

Please find below our contact details. Please do not hesitate to contact us in relation to any privacy-related concerns and we will use our best endeavours to address any such concerns thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Stardom Enterprises Pty Ltd

10a Waler Cres, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567

E-mail address:

Phone: 02 46479132

Please note that the Act contains certain exemptions which may permit us to use your personal information in a particular way if specific circumstances arise. Any such exemptions under the Act will take priority over this privacy policy to the extent of any inconsistency.